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Charlie Weasley

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12th December 2004

8:41pm: Gryffindor parties.
Seems like there was a lot going up in the Tower last night. I think I can imagine what the scene was like. It's a Gryffindor thing, even with the other houses involved.

Regardless, I'm glad everyone was partied out last night because I don't think I could handle another one tonight. Billiam, you have been ribbing me all day but remember THE OLDER I GET THE OLDER YOU GET. So yes, one year older today but you're even more of an OLD MAN. So there.

I might be up for some rounds of Firewhiskey tonight - keeping in mind tomorrow is a Monday. Ah, the poor timing of my birth...
Current Mood: amused

23rd August 2004

12:03pm: All present and accounted for.
Is everyone back from Hogsmeade, safe and accounted for? I seem able to herd dragons, but not second years. I think I managed to keep everyone in line, despite Billiam's not-no-subtle jabs that being "short" and "wee" would make the job more difficult. Hopefully everyone has their new supplies and books, including the text for Care of Magical Creatures (although you will discover that experience is often the better teacher in this class).

Billiam, I do not owe you a pint, no matter what you say. And Ron, I certainly do not recall any wagers with you that would put me in your debt either. Nice try, though.

The day was blissfully uneventful, was it not? No, don't worry Tonks. I've completely recovered from when you tripped just in front of me and sent me sprawling on top of you. I actually appreciate scraping all the freckles off my left arm - there were too many anyway.
Current Mood: quixotic

8th August 2004

I was NOT in Billiam's pocket. Or boot. I was somewhere much better, but I am back now.

And, Ronald, I am most CERTAINLY not WEE and if you INSIST on this than I shall have to ARM-WRESTLE you into SUBMISSION.

I BEAT Billiam at it, you know.

Oh, and Ginny, who's your favourite brother?
Current Mood: refreshed

6th August 2004

3:03pm: Private EntryCollapse )
Current Mood: contemplative

21st June 2004

10:50pm: I doth protest.
SHORT?? SHORT??!! Someday, William... someday, Ronald... I will have my revenge.

I did not sleep through two meals, so I am instantly superiour. Skipping meals is a no-no when you have growth spurts to feed. I am also always on the alert.

Bill, I suppose we should discuss What To Do Now at some point. I'm guessing There Are Things That Need To Be Done.

Mum, Dad - it was good to see if only briefly. Yes, mum, we'll try and make it back to the Burrow for a proper visit soon. I'm also tempted to pop over to Romania soon if only for a day or so. I do miss the dragons. Cho, it will probably be after you complete your NEWTs so let me know if you want to come along to the camp and check it out again. As far as I know there's still an opening for a tamer.

Ron. Ha - are you sick of all of us yet? Obviously I am so glad you're safe and I'd like to talk to you eventually, after all the recent chaos has settled.
Current Mood: energetic

28th May 2004

1:11am: PrivateCollapse )
Current Mood: uncomfortable

26th March 2004

12:03pm: If there's nothing wrong with you...
... there must be something wrong with the universe.

Unfortunately for you, my dear brother Ron, I think it might be the former. I can't actually say I'm surprised though. You've always been the... excitable one. So to speak. I'll admit I know nothing about this Capper bloke except what I've occasionally seen on these journals, but still. Ron. Would you act that way to Bill or Percy? I thought you took pride in being a prefect. Surely I don't have to point out to you the art of grumbling in private and not on these journals or to his face??!!

As for... whatever is going on with you and Harry... I must say your reaction seems oddly familiar. Hmmm... let me think back... where I have I seen those !!>>!!>!>>!!!! directed at me before?

Seriously though, you know I'll be at Hogwarts this coming week, yes? It's been far too long since I've really gotten to talk to you, so expect to be smothered in older brotherly love. Muah. Or actually, just the leftovers because I'll have to save a lot of it for Ginny!

I have Bill, Tonks and Kinglsey to live up to, eh? Well, you know what they say - save the best for last and all that. There's something fitting about book-ending this whole thing with Weasleys. Bravo, Lupin, bravo!

Cho, you can expect an owl any minute.
Current Mood: calm

10th February 2004

3:23pm: I am convinced that hospitals and such only make you feel sicker than you really are. All it took was some fresh air, honestly. Mum, thanks for all the attention at the Burrow, I'm fine - I promise.

Dad, I still can't believe it. You know if you need anything, just say so, I'll be here at Bill's for quite some time I think.
Current Mood: okay

31st January 2004

4:55pm: Bill, Tonks - thank you for last night. That was bloody wicked and it's been way too long.

As for where I am, still, well... I did find another Griffin.Collapse )

The expression on this one is funny. I think I can identify. Ron, just because you haven't commented to me or owled me yet, don't think you're in the clear. Not by a long shot.

Still no dragons though...

Anyway, apparently those stone things are called gargoyles. I've had a bit of time to research them and, well, I like them. They're rather apropos...

I think it's going to be a long night.
Current Mood: alert

23rd January 2004

8:40pm: Farewell, Dragons.
Well, something more important has come up. I am temporarily leaving the Romanian Dragon Reserve to help out with some things. I've actually been anticipating this for some time... our world is becoming more and more chaotic and distressed each week.

I'll miss the dragons while I'm gone though. Techinically, I'm still 'on call', but I don't anticipate any trouble either in Romania around the reserve or from the dragons.

Dad, Bill, I'm heading over to The Burrow now for more details.

Cho, I might be making a trip to Hogwarts in a day or so. I'll come and see you, okay?

I should get going now.
Current Mood: determined

26th December 2003

10:10pm: Back in Romania
What a wonderful Christmas it was - depsite certain, key Weasleys missing (you know who you are). I managed to Apparate over to the Burrow on the 23rd and I have just now returned to Romania.

It was a lovely Christmas with Bill, mum, dad and Fred and George did swing by for a bit. Ron, Ginny, Harry, Hermione... it was nice getting to chat with you briefly through the fireplace. I apologise for making Virginia think she is a queen. Ron, I trust you to point out to her this is not so.

Now I'm off to check on the dragons once more before settling in with a pint and the other blokes. And, I haven't forgotten... tomorrow I get some company...
Current Mood: content

9th December 2003

7:17pm: It's suddenly become quite exciting around the reservation, mainly because one of our Romanian Longhorns has laid a gorgeous egg. Some of you may or may not know that the reason the reservation is here in Romania to begin with is because of the Romanian Longhorns - and their dwindling numbers. Besides studying all species of dragons here, we have been concentrating on breeding some of them, and the Longhorn is the one in the most danger. The reason they are so endangered is because of the illegal trade of their horns which, powdered, are a highly valued potion ingredient. We've been trying to breed them for a while, but this is the first egg we've had in over a year so we're all taking turns safe-guarding it in the fire and in the care of its mum. Cho, when you come over the holidays you'll get to see it! It's a glassy egg, dark green covered in golden speckles.

Mum, dad, thanks for keeping me up to date on everything. Ron, I hope you're head is in good order and such. I suppose the healers couldn't fix the problems that have been there for sixteen years... ;) Seriously, though, I hope you're feeling better and I can't wait to see you over the hols.

Oy, Bill? I've barely had time to keep up with these bloody journals but it seems to me you are in high demand. Perhaps there is something we should discuss...? And Tonks? If you ever fancy coming to Romania for a pint... there's a great local pub in the village.
Current Mood: content

13th November 2003

11:33pm: Back in Romania...
I just flooed back in from a pub outing with Bill and Tonks. It was a welcome break and most amusing. I haven't laughed that hard in a while, and I blame YOU Tonks and your inability to sit straight on a stool. I don't care what you say, I believe Bill when he says this is a common occurence...

I guess now it's back to working with the dragons. I actually don't mind, except we are getting the reserve ready for the winter and the dragons are never pleased to be moved around. The result is a lot of fire... And all of us acting as firefighters to stop the forest from going up in a collective blaze. Somehow I think that would only serve to alert the Muggles that there was something going on in the middle of their forest.

As I was unable to make the first Gryffindor game, I am definitely coming to the one this Saturday. Ron, Ginny - can't wait to see you two!! You'll do great. And Harry? Make me proud. ;)

Oh, and Ms. Chang, I look forward to meeting up with you as well. I have some more information to persuade you that this job is the best in the world... I haven't managed to attempt to get a picture of any of the dragons, but I did snap this picture of the village closest to our camp.

The pictureCollapse )
Current Mood: awake

29th September 2003

3:20pm: Romanian beer is good... not understanding Romanian when drunk is probably not good...
Saturday night me and some of the guys headed into the local town to enjoy the quaint setting of a Romanian pub. Luckily, it was a wizarding pub - because it's hard to watch what you say and do in regards to magic when... slightly inebriated.

So far today we've been out doing some repairs around the camp and preparing the dragons' habitat for the colder seasons. There is also a rumour that we might breed a dragon this fall - but no official word yet. I would love to, though! How exciting!!!

Well, with that I must get back out and do some work. I'll check in when I can.
Current Mood: working

20th September 2003

10:12pm: Quick Update
Hey! Everyone okay? I saw some of you afterwards but... I had some stuff to take care of. Still do. I just wanted to check in. Dad? I'm need to contact you - firechat, if that's fine. I need to make a report to send back to Dumbledore and Lupin... and then I need to head back to Romania, but I'll make myself available for those who need more info. Not that I'm sure about everything that happened... it was all so fast.

Also, please keep me posted on Hagrid's condition, I'm worried about him.

Hey - Gin, Ron, Hermione and Harry? It was great to see you all, really it was.

Ciara, thanks for the drink. I really, *really* needed it.
Current Mood: anxious

19th September 2003

2:20pm: Ron...
Oi, let me know where and when for tomorrow, okay?

Must run now, I smell smoke.
Current Mood: rushed

15th September 2003

8:37pm: I haven't been able to get to this laptop thing in some time. Well, except long enough to inform Miss Lovegood that Artic Acid Breath dragons are a myth. They really are.

Anyway, this past few days have been quite wet and rainy which always makes trudging around in dirt and muck so much fun. Really. So, that's why I haven't been around much.

Percy? Have you spoken to dad yet? You really should.

Other than that I have nothing much to say. Dealing with the dragons and the weather as usual. Who am I to complain?
Current Mood: dirty

8th September 2003

6:14pm: All in a day's work
Hmmm... so the Hebridean Black and Hungarian Horntail don't get along. DUH. Whoever put them so near each other should be throttled. After all, they locked eyes across the way and immediately took to stomping, blowing fire and screeching at each other.

Thank Merlin Norbet was on the other side of the reservation; Norbert's a sweetie, but Norwegian Horntails are notoriously aggressive towards their own kind.

Anyway, me and some of the other guys had to go in and break up the other two dragons - we've moved the Hungarian Horntail to yet another corner.

I love these creatures to death - especially how varied all the species are - but sometimes I wish the others could learn something from the Chinese Fireball, which is quite tolerant of it's own kind. Most dragons are rather aggressive towards humans (and SHEEP), but you haven't seen anything until you've seen two dragons blowing smoke out their nostrils and charging each other!!
Current Mood: okay

3rd September 2003

11:14pm: ATTN: Bill Weasley
Let me know when you have a day off or so and I'll leave Romania and head over there. Apparently it's time to see Percy's lovely little flat in person; I hear you know the way.

Everyone else... um... still working with the dragons. I haven't been burned in about a week now, so it's almost a record. Hope you all are having fun in school - Ron, Ginny... Harry.
Current Mood: annoyed

31st August 2003

12:52am: Hello from Romania
Hello world! I'm Charlie Weasley, a dragon keeper working in Romania. I received a package this afternoon from my dad and lo and behold - this odd "laptop" contraption was enclosed. There was also some intructions on, not only how to use it, but a quick note explaining this project.

I think it's excellent dad squeezed an extra contraption out of the Minister to send along to me. This should be very interesting.
Current Mood: amused
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